Mallorca Design Day by Prêt-à-Portals

May 24

Mallorca Design Day by Prêt-à-Portals is an event that unites design, fashion and photography through a contest that aims to discover new talents.

Mallorca Design Day takes the leap internationally in its second edition of the hand of Puerto Portals. Prêt-à-Portals will add new actions to the event in this edition, such as the parade of a consecrated designer.

The competition is aimed at all those who are studying Fashion Design or who have completed them. That is to say, new designers linked to the world of design and/or confection that do not have a consolidated and/or recognized trademark.

These new creators will be eligible for the prizes set for each of the five categories. We are talking about a Balearic category, an international category, a national category and a curvy category. To this list must be added the new award for Best Photography Street Style.

In addition to receiving cash prizes, the winners in each category will have the opportunity to showcase their creations at the May 24th event at Puerto Portals.