Blue Marina

BLUE MARINA is a movement that aims to transform the way in which people relate to the environment by making Puerto Portals a coherent, responsible and environmentally conscious engine of change.

Our Values

Blue Marina is dynamism: We are constantly on the move.
Blue Marina is innovation: We adapt to change and propose new solutions.
Blue Marina is responsibility: We assume the impact we have on the environment. 
Blue Marina is generosity: We share learning and experiences with others.



We are at a time of global change, of transition towards a new model that is more responsible for the impact we have on society and the natural environment.

The loss of biodiversity, rising temperatures and the pollution of our seas and oceans are some of the main threats that are deteriorating our natural environments, which are vital for the health of the planet and human wellbeing.

We are a business that lives from the sea and we take responsibility for the impact we have on the environment, which is why we want to work to reduce and improve it through action. This requires commitment and authenticity, and involves placing three fundamental pillars at the centre of the movement: people, the environment and working for the long term. 


The methodology with which we have created this movement encompasses the three fundamental pillars that must be worked on to truly transform the port as a whole, with both internal and external components, ranging from the people to its infrastructure.

Main pillars of action: Cultural - Technical - Social.

Cultural (Employees and management. The port's commercial area)

For change to be real, it is essential to work from the inside out. One of the main pillars of this transformation project is the people, that is to say, the culture. One of the first steps that must be taken in order to carry out any change is to involve the people who are going to be part of it.

Actions: Puerto Portals management sessions, internal analysis, focus groups, Blue Marina Philosophy, Blue Marina Kick Off, Leadership Program, commercial area training.

Technical (Infrastructure)

For this pillar we have chosen three main points on which we will focus our analysis which in turn will help us to prepare an ambitious action plan for the port: Improving the management of water resources, converting the port into an energy efficient, digital and intelligent space and improving the management of the port's waste.

We are laying the foundations, and creating this pathway allows the change to be projected into the long term, generating high value impact. 

Social (Community) 

We generate actions that involve the community in the movement we have created. Many people are not aware of the importance of the oceans and seas for the balance of the planet, as well as for our own physical and mental well-being. We carry out these actions to communicate the purpose and commitment of Puerto Portals to reduce its impact on the environment, raising awareness and inspiring society to be an active part of the change.

Actions: Educational Programme at the Sailing School, EVPP Educational Programme, Blue Clean Up, commitment and responsibility in the events held at Puerto Portals.


We want Puerto Portals to be a point of reference. Our aim is to inspire and provoke a real change.

“There just can’t be any green without blue”


Blue Marina Dossier
Sustainability Report