About us

In the middle of the bay of Palma de Mallorca, Puerto Portals opens up to the sea as the most prestigious nautical and leisure complex in the Mediterranean.

Located just 10 km from the centre of Palma and 16 km from the airport, the marina has 650 moorings ranging from 8 to 60 metres in length and an exclusive shopping area with a wide variety of quality complementary services: restaurants, bars, fashion boutiques, nautical companies, jewellery shops, perfume shops and estate agents, among other services.

A port full of life 365 days a year thanks to its variety of nautical events, such as the Dragon Winter Race or the Sailing Week, part of the TP52 SUPER SERIES international circuit; the Classic Island Mallorca Rally, an international motor racing benchmark, or the renowned Christmas Market, a Christmas market where you can feel immersed in the Central European atmosphere.

An idyllic place to feel, relax and enjoy.

Current quality and environmental certificates


Towards a sustainable navy

In recent years, as well as positioning itself as the most prestigious nautical and leisure complex in the Mediterranean, Puerto Portas has set itself the task of working to improve the management of the services offered and to guarantee the prevention of pollution.

Puerto Portals, as a tourist enclave that depends on its environment and various natural resources, places special emphasis on the optimum separation of waste and dumping, on caring for our energy resources and emissions into our atmosphere and on curbing the emission of C02. Our goal: the transformation towards an increasingly sustainable marina.

At Puerto Portals we want to promote increasingly sustainable activities, generating the least possible impact and promoting responsible and environmentally conscious consumption habits. To this end, we are carrying out numerous initiatives:

Smart beacons in regattas
They mark the limits of the race course. In this case, they save fuel for the auxiliary vessels.
0 plastic use
Implementation of recyclable and biodegradable materials as a way of working in our daily lives.
Farmer’s Market
An event focused on km 0, on proximity and proximity, which avoids generating transport gases and supports the local economy and fair trade.
Sailing and Deep Sea Sailing School educational programme
Waste collection on the Oratorio beach. Combination of aquatic activities with awareness-raising and care for the marine environment.