Farmers’ Market

29, 30 april and 1 may

The Farmers´ Market is the most traditional and authentic market on the island. The essence lies in a selection of the best Mallorcan products. The aim is to build a local market that is committed to local commerce, one hundred per cent from the island. On the last weekend of April the boulevard fills up with exhibitors of food, local crafts, plants, ceramics... Authentic Mallorcan culture.

Enjoy the most natural picnic accompanied by good music while the little ones have fun and learn in the themed workshops we have prepared.

Viernes 29 abril

11:00 h

Taller sostenibilidad Blue Marina Project

The Blue Marina Project has prepared a workshop for the pupils of the Agora Portals school which aims to explain the relationship between sustainability and the importance of promoting the local economy. In this workshop the students will learn through fun game dynamics.

Viernes 29 abril

11:30 h

Ball de Bot Estol de Tramuntana

The cultural association Estol de Tramuntana was founded in Port de Sóller in 1981. Nowadays it is a traditional music and dance group made up of around 30 dancers and 15 musicians who accompany the dances with traditional instruments, the "xeremies".

Viernes 29 abril

16:00 h

Concierto Germans Martorell

Los hermanos Martorell presentarán una actuación de las glosas tradicionales de las Islas Baleares fresca, innovadora y auténtica sin dejar atrás las raíces mallorquinas.

Viernes 29 abril

18:00 h

Improvisation show Artimanya

The improvisation theatre company Artimanya will present its show 'Artimanya Play', specially adapted to the theme of this market, which focuses on Mallorca's local commerce. It is a fresh show full of humour based on improvisation games, in which the members of Artimanya will create scenes on the spot with live music based on suggestions from the audience.

Sábado 30 abril

11:30 h

Escola de Ball de Bot Calabruix

La escuela de Ball de Bot Calabruix mantiene uno de los aspectos más importantes de la cultura popular del pueblo mallorquín: “El Ball de Pagès”; sin olvidarse de la investigación e el campo de la música, los bailes y la indumentaria tradicional.

Sábado 30 abril

12:00 h

Taller Siurells


El siurell es una figura de barro con un silbato adosado. En este taller los pequeños podrán pintar a su gusto su propio siurell. Plazas limitadas sujetas a inscripción.

Sábado 30 abril

14:00 h


Tandem formed by Antonia Maria Rigo Gual and Maria Antonia Forteza who will liven up lunchtime with their hits.

Sábado 30 abril

16:00 h

Taller Bolsas aromáticas


En este divertido taller los peques crearán, acompañados de monitoras, sus propias bolsitas aromática para perfumar cualquier estancia de la casa. Plazas limitadas sujetas a inscripción.

Sábado 30 abril

18:00 h

Concierto Hot creepers

Este grupo se formó en el año 2019, desde entonces ha recorrido innumerables lugares de la isla y se considera un grupo de referencia en el estilo Lindy Hop. La banda intenta recuperar los temas clásicos del Swing (años 20 y 30).

Domingo 1 mayo

11:30 h

Escola Ball de Bot Calabruix

La escuela de Ball de Bot Calabruix mantiene uno de los aspectos más importantes de la cultura popular del pueblo mallorquín: “El Ball de Pagès”; sin olvidarse de la investigación en el campo de la música, los bailes y la indumentaria tradicional.

Domingo 1 mayo

12:00 h

Taller Punto de libro Día de la Madre


¿Qué hay más especial que un regalo hecho a mano? En este día tan especial los pequeños podrán crear sus propios puntos de libro como regalo para el Día de la Madre.Plazas limitadas sujetas a inscripción.

Domingo 1 mayo

16:30 h

La fada despistada – La princesa que feia Llaüts

Adaptación musical del cuento “homònim d’IBDona” con música en directo, coreografías, marionetas, lenguaje de signos, interacción con los pequeños y un toque de magia.


Forn San Agustí

Forn San Agustí is a family business founded in 1968. It offers the best quality in its handmade products, made from traditional recipes and with the finest products.

Oveja de Plata

We are Carolina and Antonio giving life to unique objects that enhance everyday experiences and turn them into a pleasure.


Handmade designs made in Mallorca. Textile art. Macramé, ceramics, art lab.

Neus Bosch

I am Neus, illustrator and dreamer. With my project I want to move and stir conscience and make the heart beat strong.

Moraduix kids

Ethical and sustainable children's fashion brand. Handmade in Mallorca. Moraduix is born with the purpose of betting for a sustainable humanity, creating garments of organic handmade fabrics.

Dos alquemistas

We celebrate the Mallorcan soil, its power and its unique and honest taste. We look at the tree and see the opportunity to bring life back to its remains, making meaningful and positive creations. We listen and find a way to connect you to the island.

Alberto Diego

Visual artist based in Mallorca. My work consists of drawing the world and the events that surround us. Clearly influenced by the light and landscapes of the island that has seen me grow up. I love to combine "live" painting with some touches of my own imagination. I use watercolour, pencil and ballpoint pen.

Aloe Vera Beauty

Aloe Vera is also known as "the plant with a thousand properties". We sell 100% natural products made mainly from Aloe Vera, including: sun protection products, hair and body care, gourmet products, handmade soaps, plants and stalks, beauty products and juices.

The Van Bar

The Van Bar was born in the midst of the effervescence of the "food truck" phenomenon, introducing the concept of high-level creative cocktails to Mallorca. Drinks with a different touch made with 100% local produce.


The most original bicycle with different flavoured ice creams.


Agroilla is born from the tradition and union of more than fifty years of our farmers in Mallorca. We ensure the quality of our products. Selected products. Environmental awareness.

Com un llum

Lamps that tell stories, silver and ceramic jewellery. Mobile workshop, in nature, from love and creativity.


Hausgemachte Speisen im Picknickformat aus frischen, abwechslungsreichen und mediterranen Produkten mit der Absicht, stets gesunde Speisen anzubieten.

Sara Cosmética Natural

Sisters Agustina and Sara bring all their natural cosmetology products related to beauty and wellbeing. 0% toxic products, zero waste, handmade. Made in Mallorca.

Begudes Puig

Producers of siphon and soft drinks since 1927. All made 100% in Mallorca and in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

Mallorca Sense Fam

Mallorca Sense Fam is a non-governmental NGO that acts as a food distribution centre to provide aid to people in need. Puerto Portals lends one of its booths.

Finca Biniagual

Finca Biniagual is nowadays dedicated to viticulture in Mallorca and is characterised by a strong focus on sustainability. The bodega is the heart of the farm with a long winemaking tradition.

JM artesanía d’Olivera

Local handicrafts made by hand from Mediterranean olive wood. Mallorcan baskets, typical Mallorcan ladders and all kinds of bowls, shovels, spoons...

L’hora Bruixa

I have been working in handicrafts all my life, particularly ceramics.

Cortines de la Llar

Textiles, home decoration and handmade clothes with all the spirit of the Mediterranean.

Afilados Martorell

Authentic Mallorcan handmade knives.


Mediterranean-inspired handbags and bags.

Bernardí Nou

Ceramics created by Joan Amengual and María Capó, specialising in siurells and traditional island ceramics.

Mima Terra

Handmade production of certified organic Mediterranean herbal teas. Made in Mallorca.