Exposición Siente la magia

From December 18 to January 6

The most special and extraordinary time of the year is back: Christmas. Ten artists based in Mallorca will show their technique in a collective exhibition that will make the imagination travel, making the spectator feel another type of magic: the magic of making people feel through art.
The exhibition will be installed in the main promenade of the port and can be enjoyed from the 18th of December until the 6th of January. Feel the magic of Christmas in Puerto Portals.

Vivian Borsani

"Always be yourself unless you can be a mermaid, then always be a mermaid. This could be the philosophy of artist Vivian Borsani, who trained in Paris at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs; in Venice at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum and at the School of Visual Arts New York with Yannis Kounellis.

Borsani moved to Mallorca more than 20 years ago, from this corner of the Mediterranean her career continues to gallop, working for collectors in Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Switzerland and the United States. Her work is inspired by marine life and the wild cosmos.


Lili Devo

The exploration of nature and the succession of its rhythms are the main source of inspiration for this artist based in Mallorca. Attracted by the natural cycles, she turns those images into metaphors, reflecting herself in them.

Devo uses a language that encourages her to believe and grow, trusting her intuition and escaping from the limits of rigidity. The artist is developing a line of paintings about Balearic marine life for its awareness and dissemination.


Birgit Kaiser

Self-taught artist of German origin. A professional training in Feng Shui made her discover that a work of art has the power to transform and harmonize both spaces and people. At present she creates his works through an intuitive process and without a previous concept.

Birgit creates most of her pieces on demand, transmitting specific energies according to the client´s needs. Her paintings are dominated by geometric elements that create fascinating constructions and architectures of light.


Llum Miranda y Dani Reglero

The creative duo formed by Llum Miranda and Daniel Reglero was formed two years ago, united by their passion for painting and drawing. They are currently involved in a large number of projects: drawings, illustrations, designs, murals, decoration and restoration.

"Painting or drawing is our passion and our trade".


Luca Monzani

After studying at the artistic Lyceum, in 1988 he entered the School of Fine Arts in Turin. Shortly after, Romano Guyetti, a famous restorer, failed painter and magnificent teacher, told him "I value your talent for taking off, get out of here, don't be pigeonholed into academia. You have talent, work it out, don't let what happened to me happen to you."

Monzani has completed 30 years of his renowned career as a painter. He works with acrylics and natural pigments; he often incorporates sculptural elements in wood or iron to achieve light effects. In his work we find important pictorial series such as Marinas; men, horses and bulls; Mallorca and its veiled courtyards... and clowns, many clowns.


Pablo Pelluz

Nature, the passage of time and social criticism are the most recurrent themes in the work of this Madrid-born graduate of the Complutense University of Madrid, who in 2013 received an Honorary Mention from the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors.

Art stands out as a weapon of power due to the capacity for reflection generated by this form of making people feel, reflect and transmit.


Estefanía Pomar

The Mediterranean that saw it born is its main inspiration. A graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, she has held many exhibitions at Rialto Living, notably her work Cyanophyteae: small samples of marine life that are oxygenated by means of photosynthesis.

And it is precisely the sea, together with its fauna and flora, which is the main theme that inspires the work of this Mallorcan.


Estefanía Sánchez del Amor

Of Galician origin, Sánchez- Amor has lived in Mallorca for 25 years. He adopted his father's surname in his homage, thus reflecting the duality of his works, which are at the same time chaotic, formal and intuitive.

A universe full of colours and organic shapes that are formed as they are painted, changing forms from the first brushstroke, listening and feeling the canvas from the beginning to the end of the process. It is about feeling, not understanding.


Nívola Uyá

Illustrator based in Mallorca with a degree in Environmental Sciences. A lover of nature and illustration, she tries to mix both whenever possible. She has produced a wide range of projects, including murals, promotional campaigns or animation, among others. Her illustrations have appeared in many children's books published in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Swahili.

With her magical-realistic and colourful style she likes to transmit love and optimistic worlds full of illusion and passion.


Philip Wolf

Graduated in Fine Arts, he continued his studies in the field of graphic design and illustration. After several exhibitions in Palma, he launched his career abroad and is currently working in several galleries in Berlin and Koln.

His works work with acrylic on canvas and are inspired by details from his studies, his travels and various symbols.