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Record destinations

The coldest, hottest, highest, northernmost and southernmost places... and curious facts about them.

Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world: Known as ‘the end of the world’, this Argentine city is the furthest south in the world.

Rockanrolla conquers the III Puerto Portals Dragon Winter Series

Nono, Martin Pälsson’s Swedish ship has been granted with the title in the Corinthian category for non-professional boats, and Siegfried Detzkeit’s Dino has won the Best Classic Dragon.

The III Puerto Portals Dragon Winter Series faces its defining round

More than 50 ships from 15 countries will gather at Palma’s Bay from tomorrow until Friday for the final leg of the circuit.

The lords of the sea

From Poseidon to Neptune, and including Sobek, Susanoo and Gonggong.

Dozens of myths surround the sea and throughout history its mysteries have led to the worship of aquatic gods.

Calling out climate change

The 16-year-old Swedish activist was the voice of the conscience before world leaders at the last UN Climate Summit held in New York, which she travelled to in a sailing boat from the United Kingdom.

Puerto Portals gathers the best Dragon Class fleet

A fleet composed of 35 ships will be participating until Sunday in the second round of the Winter Series organized by Calvià’s Regattas Club.

Christmas bids farewell at the Christmas Market Puerto Portals

Around 36000 people have experienced the magic of Christmas in the ninth edition of Majorca’s most emblematic market

Puerto Portals fills with excitement the winter holidays with its Christmas Market

The island’s most magical market, the Christmas Market, started today with an attendance of around 1,800 people.

Rocknrolla and Louise Racing rule the III Puerto Portals Dragon Winter Series

Dominance of the Russian and British teams after the first of the three race rounds, which gathers 40 ships from 13 countries in the Bay of Palma. The competition will restart on January 17th 2020.

Puerto Portals Dragon Winter Series premieres tomorrow with a deluxe participation

The fourth edition of the race will gather 40 crews from 13 countries, competing until Sunday on the first of the three programmed events for this winter.

Hygge, the philosophy of happiness

Enjoying the little things that make us feel good.

Hygge is having a cup of hot tea sitting on the settee in front of the fire on a cold winter’s night. Or spending an afternoon stroking the dog as you read a book.

Switzerland's Sophie Racing Storm to Victory in Dragon Grand Prix European Cup Finals 2019

Hugo Stenbeck's Sophie Racing, helmed by Bernardo Freitas and crewed by Martin Westerdahl and Lars Linger, has won the Dragon Grand Prix European Cup Finals after a day of intense competition on the Bay of Palma.

Children welcome!

Enjoying Puerto Portals as a family.

From the beginning, Puerto Portals was designed to be a place that is open to families, where parents and children can come to spend some time together and enjoy the events.

Majorca and its winter regattas

Some of the world’s best racers will sail in the waters of Palma’s bay on the occasion of the nautical competitions organised by the Royal Sailing Club of Palma or Puerto Portals

Pershing 140: Next-Generation Superyatch

The shipyard Pershing in cooperation with the architect Fulvio De Simoni have created the brand’s flagship model

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