Blue Marina Day

30 June

A day in which we celebrate the true purpose of the innovative Blue Marina project: to transform the way people relate to the environment, turning Puerto Portals into an engine of responsible change committed to the environment.

Throughout the day, different activities and workshops are organised to allow participants to get close-up to the sea. Participants take part in a marine conservation workshop (run by an association/foundation on the island such as Palma Aquarium, Shark Med, etc.) and go on different sea outings in groups: one outing in an Optimist and another outing in a kayak or SUP, depending on their choice. All outings are organised by the staff at the Sailing School who accompany the participants in each activity. The aim is for everyone (from children to adults) to continue learning and raising awareness about marine conservation through different water sports.
The Sailing School is the setting for this event, collaborating with material such as SUPs and kayaks etc. The day ends with a Mallorcan "picada" (snack), drinks and music shared among the attendees who are part of the #bluemarina community.