Online sailing courses

It is possible to be productive in times of confinement, especially in the digital era in which we find ourselves. Therefore, we have reached the conclusion that as we spend hours web surfing, why not make the most of it and get ready to sail the seas when we return to our normal lives?

There is an abundance of sailing courses that you can take online, here you may find a list of the five schools that offer theoretical learning content for recreational boat titles:

- Alta Mar Escuela Náutica de Recreo.

Offers Recreational Boat Skipper courses in its virtual school, which stands out for the quality of its contents, that come in different formats and count with self-checking tests, as well as assigning the pupil a sailing expert form teacher.

- Cenáutica.

With an online expertise of twenty years, they provide a complete high-quality platform with several tools that enable you to study its broad educational offer, amongst which the Recreational Boat Skipper or the Yatch Skipper courses are noteworthy.

- Escola Port.

This school offers the option of enrolling online in all the recreational and professional nautical categories. Sure enough, the students must complete the necessary practical lessons and take the exams afterwards.

- Corsa nautic group.

Corsa offers the possibility of home learning the theoretical part of the Basic Nagivation Skipper and Recreational Boat Skipper titles, which will enable you to skipper boats up to 26 and 49 ft in length respectively.

- Náutica Popular.

Sailing school approved by Portomeloxo where to train for recreational boat titles and professional qualifications. You can study virtually for the titles of Recreational Boat Skipper, Basic Nagivation Skipper and Yacht Skipper.