Luxurious nature

On the mountains, amongst the trees, at the seashore...

Modular tents beside the sea with heating, soft mattresses and solar power; cabins in trees with air conditioning between the jungle and the river; luxury cubicles on the top of a mountain which can only be reached with a harness or a zipline... Camping in the heart of nature no longer need be uncomfortable. It can be quite the opposite, in fact.

Glamping, for sophisticated travellers. Glamping has been a trend for some time, devised for travellers who want to blend in with the environment without foregoing the commodities of a luxury hotel. Glamping is installed, it is not built. It is removable and its design is environmentally-friendly. Its facilities are raised on a series of modular floor panels and include a comfortable bathroom, simple yet comfortable rooms, foldable furniture and all-inclusive service (gourmet food, breakfast and even a spa in some cases). Its predecessor is found in the luxury tents built by the elites of Scotland and France in the 16th century, so they would not miss the spaciousness of their palaces.

A cabin in the woods. On a floor of wooden pillars, but hanging from the trees – another alternative for rest without giving up any comfort are cabins in the heart of the forest. These types of initiatives are also built by beaches, and near mountains and national parks. They come in different sizes, and generally have a gable roof or are igloo-shaped. Although there are also personalized cabins, like those offered by Basoa Suites (Spain), shaped like a pagoda and located in the midst of the Ultzama Valley in Navarra.

Skylodge – sleeping 400 metres up. One of the most extreme forms of accommodation, ideal for more daring tourists, is found in Urubamba, Peru, very close to the sacred city of Cuzco. It is called Skylodge and is a kind of capsule for four people stuck on the mountain at an altitude of 400 metres. Made of aerospace aluminium and weather-resistant polycarbonate, the ceiling and walls are transparent. The impression one gets is that of floating in amongst the stars, with impressive views of the Sacred Valley. The hanging refuge can only be accessed with a harness or zipline. An impossible experience for anyone who suffers from vertigo.