CATS returns to Puerto Portals

On the night of September 27th the marina’s boulevard turned into the scenery of the famous 90s club

Last Friday's night around 1,000 people celebrated Cats Revival and danced to the rhythm of Wannabe. Puerto Portals dressed in black and the boulevard became the stage of the legendary club Cats, a landmark for the Majorcan 90s generation.

In the third edition of this event, that took place from 10pm to 3am, the attendees sang David Bowie’s or Ricky Martin’s songs during the live show of the Majorcan band Madòna, followed by DJ Xavi Fuster, a classic of the renowned party which was being honoured.

Fuster evoked with his music the 90s atmosphere that took place thirty years ago at this venue, today being the location of the Cappuccino Café. The public, dressed up with all the typical accessories to create a perfect 90s look: chokers, dungarees and Levis 501, enjoyed the classic pool table and the delicious burgers of Manduka.

Puerto Portals’ broad event agenda continues this Winter with the Grade 1 Dragon regatta, that will gather more than 60 boats of this class throughout the season, not to forget the acclaimed festivity of Sankt Martin on November 9th, a great event for families. The traditional Christmas Market will fill the port with the magic of Christmas, starting on December 18th.