The Yin and Yang in food

Cati Palou enlightens us on energetic food as a way of life.

The art of eating, a beloved and very pleasant activity for most people, is by itself an entire subject when it comes to nutritional trendsCati Palou, Naturopathy expert and Nutritional Coach reveals the key of balance concerning nutrition: food’s innate energy.

The basis of this nutritional trend is knowing that there is an energy from which every food is composed, divided in forces ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’. Palou explains that someone with a ‘Yin’ energy will have less strength, be weaker and will need a diet including more ‘Yang’ food, and vice versa.

By looking at someone’s medical history, physiology and physiognomy, we can study what group he or she belongs to and the needs related to it. Vegetables, sweets and alcoholic beverages are examples of Ying energy foods; whilst savoury food and animal protein are Yang.

Palou explains that ‘the ideal is to eat neutrally, balancing both forces’, so plant-derived foods such as beans or nuts are optimal choices to maintain a great energy.