Connecting to the earth

The whirlwind of modern life has made us forget the benefits of being consciously in contact with the surface of the Earth.

On more than one occasion, we have all heard that walking barefoot improves the performance of both body and mind. But although this activity, known as earthing or grounding, may seem to be a fleeting spiritual fashion, there are actually scientific reasons that endorse its positive effects.

Who hasn’t felt a kind of shock, like a spark, when entering into contact with other people or objects? This effect is known as static electricity, a type of energy that should not stay in our bodies because when it presents, it denotes an absence of contact with the Earth on our part. 

The shoes we use on a day-to-day basis are made of insulating materials and when we remove them, the soles of our feet enter into contact with the seashore, the earth of the fields or the grass, allowing all this electrostatic energy to be released thanks to the conducting face and always- negative charge of the ground. And just why is this physical process necessary? Inevitably, the lack of these electrical exchanges affects the chemical processes necessary for our organism, which naturally conducts electricity, to work properly.

So whenever you get even the smallest opportunity to go barefoot, grab it. In a very short time, you will be able to start to feel the incredible benefits of this technique which regulates the nervous system, reduces inflammation and prevents chronic pain and illnesses, provides energy, protects from electromagnetic attacks an improves sleep at night and vitality during the day.