100% natural beauty

Sustainable, aware cosmetics free from synthetic products is better both for our skin and the planet.

Cosmetics free from chemical compounds and made using raw materials extracted from nature are increasingly becoming the order of the day. Experts tell us that as well as preventing the harm that synthetic ingredients can eventually cause to the environment, natural products are recognised and utilised better by our body, which can exploit their properties to the full without any interference. 

On Mallorca, Sublime Oils is a local brand whose team of biochemists, natural perfumiers and specialists in cosmetic aromatherapy manufacture their cosmetics in their own laboratory, using natural oils from Africa, ‘with the focus on sustainability in all its facets – social, environmental and economic’, they point out. The brand is committed to the concept of ‘ethical beauty’, which affects all aspects of their activity, from fair trade in sale to the elimination of packaging in order to achieve minimum waste. Their products can be purchased in Puerto Portals, to be precise at Specific Apothecary (local 44), an exclusive high-end cosmetics store specialising in luxury organic and natural products.

Another Mallorcan brand is Gaia Natural Products, which makes personalised, high-quality toiletry products by hand using artisanal methods. The products can be acquired in exclusive boutiques, small hotels, rural tourism establishments and spas on the island. They make soaps, moisturising creams, gels, colognes and exfoliants using flowers, herbs and olive and sweet almond oil, always with maximum standards of sustainability.

Hammame also designs and produces high-end, 100% natural cosmetics free from parabens and toxic elements and developed applying eco-sustainable criteria. ‘More than a cosmetics firm, Hammame is applied biotechnology, it is R+D+i for the development of highly effective products with significant innovative scientific aromatherapy elements, employing aromas designed to have anti-stress effects’, assert its leaders.

An increasing number of shops are offering natural cosmetic products on Mallorca, like Lush (C. Sant Miquel, 46. Palma), which specialises in cruelty-free, vegetarian and vegan cosmetics made by hand using fresh, natural ingredients. Or Biokalma (Plaza Quartera, 9. Palma), an ecological grocery store which also serves raw food cuisine and offers personal growth workshops.